Alison Dare, Amazon, Kill Bill
Item: J. Torres and J.Bone’s Alison Dare graphic novel series is soon to be back in print from Tundra.
Item: The Canadian government has decided to allow Amazon to open a warehouse in Canada, instead of shipping through a shell company operated with Canada Post. Heritage Canada, the ministry rsponsible, has decided that Canadian books and Canadian readers are still getting a good deal. The government press release is here. Despite the protests of small booksellers, the deal went through because Amazon promised new Canadian jobs and investment in events/culture, etc. The Globe’s James Adams parses the statement and reflects on the possible changes to official policy it implies.
Item: Speaking of the Globe, there was a profile of the Toronto writers behind the Kill Shakespeare comic book/multimedia pitch, which has thousands of dollars of financial investment, apparently. But is it any good? Does it have to be? I don’t like the looks of this series or its press. The whole thing sounds like a 9th grade D+D wankfest shill, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong…