Fantagraphics has just uploaded a video from underground comix historian Patrick Rosenkranz about his new book on Canadian comix legend Rand Holmes.  

The clip is in promotion of Rosenkranz’s  The Artist Himself: A Rand Holmes Retrospective.
Holmes grew up in Edmonton as a big fan of Wally Wood’s work. He retained a subversive edge throughout his life, most notably creating the underground comix and marijuana icon Harold Hedd. He was also a prolific and longtime cartoonist for the Georgia Straight in Vancouver. For his body of work and contribution to Canadian comics, Holmes has been posthumously honoured by both the Doug Wright and Joe Shuster Awards. He died in 2002.
Rosenkranz is a uniquely qualified individual to write a book about Holmes. He is intimately familiar with the underground comix era having written the top-notch history Rebel Visions: Underground Comix. Additionally, Holmes was a fairly private individual but Rosenkranz kept in touch with him throughout his life. All of this should contribute to a well-rounded look at both Holmes’ work and personal life and how they intersected.
Rand Holmes Retrospective

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  1. hmmm, i may have to get that…. Fog city made a huge impression on me when i was a kid.

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