Comic Cellar #1, 1980 (cover by Freeman/St.Aubin)

Kate Beaton profile in the Chronicle Herald.

Did Canadian Forces manuals contain offensive cartoons? While at first blush it sounds like David Collier has been caught doodling, this Canadian Press article reports that teaching materials used at the Defense Academy in Kingston used cartoons of women in “degrading positions.”
Item: Dave Lapp’s Children of the Atom collection has received notices from the Comics Journal and The Telegraph Journal.
Item: This handy post at the JSA blog tells you how to order the above book, and others published by Conundrum, since Diamond doesn’t distribute it.
Item: Nerd fun of the week: Is the creator of 1970s-80s Canadian fanzine Comics Cellar really the scourge of the internets and #5 on this list? The zine in question lasted 2 issues, featured covers by George Freeman and Richard Comely, and the adventures of “Captain Chinook” by Jean-Claude St. Aubin.