I think I’ve missed posting about a few of the press releases about these bits of news – maybe not Gotham, but there has been a nice bit of Montreal talent working on Batman lately.

Cameron Stewart has been working with Grant Morrisonfor a while now – On batman recently. And he just came to the end of  – sorry that’s passed on returning to do a run on The Return of Bruce Wayne. [misremembered the post.] But as a ‘team’, they are on to other things now I hear.
I recently heard through the vines that pencil and ink duo Michel Lacombe et Yanick Paquette are picking up work on The Return of Bruce Wayne series now. I found this clip of them being interviewed about that and other things in French today, anyone feel like transcribing it in the comments, I and others would be much obliged. 🙂

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    Just read #3 last night, good work guys! great art. really liked the Kevin Nowlan-esqu feel of it, he always did an awesome bats. I still get bugged by the degree of compression in mainstream comics but these guys put it on it’s best footing for sure and i was even able to grasp the larger context despite having only followed this series at arms length online as an event. Capes not being my thing these days, still give er’ **** out of 5 for a fun read.

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