Some links and news about Canadian comics for the Labour Day long weekend.
Item: Some discussion about Darwyn Cooke’s comments at FanExpo about (sigh) Batwoman and how the intro of a lesbian superhero may or may not be a part of the current spate of rated-R adult-oriented superhero comics.
J.Bone for the defense.
Item: More FanExpo pics. This one has a Sheridan grad focus as well as the best Borgnine shot I’ve seen!
Item: David Collier illos Luke Doucet liner notes.
Item: Jillian Tamaki now embroiders quilts.
Item: Steve Murray puts the final nail in the coffin of the Cathy comic strip.
Item: Fan Expo afterparty lowdown.
Item: A tribute to Yummy Fur arsonist and D+Q employee Rebecca Rosen –who is moving to France.
Item: A new book about classic Quebec comics repackager Heritage (I think they published translated Marvel comics, etc.), LE GUIDE DES COMICS HÉRITAGE is launching Saturday.