Chester Brown, Summer 2010
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Item: Tom Spurgeon seems to be the first to have reported the news of the actual title and release date of the new Chester Brown graphic novel, Paying For It, due Spring 2011. Brown has been working on the comic for years now and its publication will be his first book-length work in almost a decade (Louis Riel was published in 2003). A candid auto-biographical account of his interaction with the sex-worker industry, Paying For It narrates Brown’s involvement with a series of prostitutes, focusing on his long-term relationship with one woman in particular (although I understand most non-Chester names and faces have been changed). When I last spoke with Chester this summer, a few months after TCAF and The Wright Awards, he had just finished the book and was preparing for a long period of annotation and what I imagined as revision/editing along the lines of those depicted in his short story, “Showing Helder.” One of the titles I heard bandied about was something like “21 Whores” but obviously something slightly less incendiary has been settled on. As Chris Oliveros hyperbolically notes in the official press release, the book is “classic Chester […] unabashedly frank in his depiction of his sex life while coolly asserting his view of a controversial topic. It is safe to say that there has never been a graphic novel like PAYING FOR IT before and it will be the most talked about book of 2011.” Although the book is sure to be original, it does seem thematically similar to his other autobio work like I Never Liked You and The Playboy, both of which explored his sexuality and, as Robert Crumb might say “troubles with women” (Chester even had a masturbation technique named after him, he was so bloody confessional). Can’t wait to read it!
Item: Brad Mackay comments on the criticism surrounding Von Allan’s recent nomination from the U.S. Friends of Lulu org: “that’s some pretty spicy meatball for sleepy little Ottawa.” From the article: Von Allan has a nod for best newcomer, best female character and book of the year at the U.S. awards, which are for comics by and about women.
But Von Allan is a man — and that has some women in the industry wondering how he could be named, especially in the best newcomer category.”I was looking at Twitter and some other sources and then I started to realize some people aren’t happy about this,” he told CBC News.

Item: Alberta cartoonist Rhian Engel is set to launch his comic strip “My Life as a Grum” in his local paper, The Red Deer Advocate.
Item: In related news, cartoonist Jay Stephens still can’t get no respect in his local paper. Please join our group and ask the Daily Mercury to carry “Oh, Brother!”
Item: Gay Gandalf vs the Pope.
Item: Korean Scott Pilgrim covers.
Item: Burnaby cartoonist asserts, “Hockey is a funny game.”
Item: Rapper and former comic-shop clerk Sean Jordan (aka Wordburglar) pens the script for a new comic about a supervillain turned pizza vendor, according to this interview.
Item: The blog catches the news that the Montreal Comic Con had a record 8300 attendees last weekend.
Item: Whew, the Shusters gang have snagged a whole ton to news snippets this past week, although for some reason I can’t figure who is posting what? Someone who is not Kevin Boyd reports on the Montreal Comic Con, someone else links to an interview with Dave Sim about his purported “last signing ever” which will take place at Strange Adventures in Halifax on September 24 (little known fact: Sim will only be signing images of Cerebus made of potato salad); someone who may be Kevin Boyd shares his Montreal Comic Con thoughts; and finally someone who signs himself Kevin talks about expanding the Shusters Hall of Fame to include non-creators like fans and publishers.
Item: Speaking of Montreal Comicon, here is a photo-heavy report.
Item: Et plus. Sirkowski says, “it’s not the 90s!”
Item: What a show!
Item: Comicon de Montreal en photos.
Item: Jeet Heer’s Wilson notebook.
Item: Policart Bruce MacKinnon is profiled by his own paper, the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, on the occasion of his 25th anniversary on the job and the release of a new book of cartoons, PENetration.

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