Item: Jeet Heer about the new Inkstuds book (everyone should buy it!)
Item: The Shuster Awards blog catches the press release for Troy Little’s Angora Napkin graphic-novel-turned-animated-cartoon pilot.
Item: The Kill Shakey Character Game.
Item: Inkstuds
had a call-in show for its host radio station’s fundraising drive.
Item: I wonder why more cartoonists don’t create cheeky individual personalized projects like this. Just in time for the new year, its J.Bone’s beefcake/cheescake Zodiac calendar.
Item: Doug Wright-nominated cartoonist Nick Maandag has a new webcomic, Laff Depot.
Item: As well, James Stokoe has created a blog for his Orc Stain comic, with sneak peaks and a short strip.
Item: Michael DeForge has a new full-colour book coming out from Koyama Press called Spotting Deer.
Item: Brad Mackay says this is the best review of Doug Wright ever.