The Moon, 1902
The tireless comic researcher John Adcock has a fantastic blog post up introducing The Moon, a Canadian satire magazine from the early 1900s that featured art by Arthur G. Racey, C.W. Jeffreys, and J.W. Bengough. Well worth spending a few minutes with for a dose of turn-of-the-century cartooning and anti-American jibes.

“I make my bow to the Moon. I saw her in the full and over my left shoulder. Great, therefore, shall be my luck this month. Frankly, I am delighted that we are going to have a comic paper of our own. Life is such a biting, sneering little rat of a paper at all things concerning our British Empire, our flag, ourselves, that I am glad to see we are starting a “comic” of our own, and as The Moon is so very far above Life, she can see all the joke of it, the folly, the satire, the melodrama of the little anthill called earth. Again, my bow to you, O Moon, also one small subscription, for, to tell the truth I am a trifle afraid of you. The paper is a capital one and spares nobody – while it is genial in its satire. All the same, I tell you a snowball from The Moon is calculated to give us a shock now and then.”