Item: recent issues of Matrix have included strips by Jimmy Beaulieu, Rebecca Kraatz, Laura Kenins, Mike Holmes and more
Item: Robert Haines has another thorough cross-country round-up of comics retailer news at the Shusters blog.
Item: Policart Cam Cardow of the Ottawa Citizen chooses his favourite children from among the cartoons he drew in 2010 and explains his reasoning.
Item: The Globe’s Anthony Jenkins mutates his style to illustrate his comic strip interview with Gary Trudeau. Nicely done.
Item: Peggy Burns, D+Q’s Associate Publisher and head of publicity, is the subject of a long interview at Tom Spurgeon’s Comics Reporter site. Some fascinating snippets about how some of the most exciting comics in the world are promoted.
Meet Canadian superhero The Leaf.
Item: During the 1940s and the heyday of the so-called “Canadian Whites” comic book industry, scripts from Captain Marvel comics were redrawn by Canadian artists and some wholly-original scripts, usually written by U.S.-based scripters of the Fawcett titles like Otto Binder, were also produced here. Return with us now to those golden days of yesteryear and Captain Marvel and the Lie Detector.