Some important newz from across Canadian comix land and beyond:
Item! Congratulations to cartoonists Keith Jones and Lizz Hickey who were married on Valentine’s Weekend!
Item! Quite amazing news: Major Italian cartoonist Lorenzo Mattotti is the latest announced guest for TCAF.
Item! Interview with dj and graphic novelist Kid Koala.
Item! The latest episode (#17!) of Dave Sim’s web tv series, Cerebustv, is now online. Haven’t watched this yet because everytime I click to the site it tells me I need to download a viewer/app-thing I don’t have on my netbook and I hate downloading things. Maybe its on youtube? Dunno. The subject matter sure is intriguing: Sim talks about process, classic artists, etc.
Item! Brandon Graham on Dave Sim and other stuff.
Item! UK-based agent Rich Johnson and his Bleeding Coll site brings the news of a new Alpha Flight comic books series. The Canadian superhero team, created by U.S. writer Chris Claremont and Canadian ex-pat John Byrne, is owned by Marvel/Disney. This latest incarnation will be drawn by Canadian Dale Eaglesham.
Item! Bleeding Cool also catches the news of Legends (Victoria) store owner Gareth Gaudin’s Spider-Man collection.
Item! This is awesome.
Item! Ty Templeton reminds us that there are currently at least 3 “made-in-Canada” superhero team comics-related projects on the go: his own Northern Guard project, Heroes of the North, and Tights & Fights.
Item!Chris Butcher, Darwyn Cooke, and Jeet Heer participate in a National Post autopsy over the corpse of Jeff Lemire’s Canada Reads experience. Some chunky soup there.
Canadian comic shops to be crushed by Godzilla.
Item! New Julie Morstad kids book.