Item! Inkstuds’ Robin McConnell hips us to TVOntario’s Prisoners of Gravity archives. Now you don’t have to rely on grainy youtube vids to see this classic 80s-90s public television show about comics and science fiction, hosted by comedian Rick Green with animation by Ty Templeton, and featuring tons of interviews with cartoonists and writers. A great resource and a fun way to spend a half hour watching old clips of Neil Gaiman and Jack Kirby.
Item! Toronto born Takeshi Miyazawa moved to Tokyo in 2006 after beginning his career working for North American publishers like Marvel. His first manga debuts this week in Japan.
Item! Michael Kaminer is interviewed by the National Post about his touring exhibition featuring the art of Jewish Women Cartoonists.
Item! The cover for Chester Brown’s upcoming Paying For It memoir has been revealed.
Item! Bonus: Chester Brown meets the Smurfs, sort of.
Item! Not really comics, but the latest book from Vancouver’s Arsenal Pulp Press, Venus With Biceps, is an interesting-looking illustrated history of strong women, from acrobats to body-builders to Rosie the Riveter to Wonder Woman. Reviewed here.
Item! I’ve really been enjoying this series of posts by writers and artists about select Jack Kirby panels. So far, each article is a tiny polished gem of insight into what makes Kirby great.
Item!Fiona Smyth has a new book coming out from Annick Press.
Item! Robert Haines provides his monthly collection of and commentary about news from comic shops across Canada. Most interesting news? In-store whiskey tasting!
Item! Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo returns.
Item! A look at Seth’s bibliography.
Item! Michael DeForge makes comics the way most people breath, that is, all day long and even when asleep. Just look at a single blog entry from last week: a new issue of Lose (#3), tons of strips, and a poster.
Item! Multi-faceted Vancouver artist Camilla D’Errico is profiled by L.A. Weekly. She has a couple of gallery shows going on. You can also watch her draw Spider Jerusalem in this new video series.
Item! Stan Goldberg leaves Archie? Maybe he’s just retiring! The man needs a break!