kazoo zine and comic expo guelph 2011
Crowd participation comics at the Kazoo! Zine & Comic Expo
Lots of comics events to catch up with!
Item! A nice review of Chester Brown’s Paying For It graphic memoir in The Walrus magazine by Sean Rogers: “It is a testament to Brown’s accomplishment as a cartoonist that such heady stuff remains compelling reading.” And yes, Chester Brown in among the candidates listed in the upcoming Federal Election in Toronto’s Trinity-Spadina district. As in the 2008 election, Chester is running on the Libertarian ballot.
Item! This past weekend was the Kazoo! Zine and Comic Expo in Guelph. I managed to dash in and buy a few books at the end of the day, including a few comics I wasn’t familiar with (I enjoyed Brian Evinou’s Don River, briefly met Caitlin Black, and had the privilege of a longer exchange with Jason Kieffer, Nick Maandag, and Ethan Rilly). I heard it was a relative success and the attendees I talked to had nothing but good things to say about the organizers. Afterwards, local comic shop The Dragon hosted an afterparty at a local bar with free food and booze for the guests and some awards (best zine, best comic, and best new work) were handed out but since I had a dinner date I missed out. Hopefully I can report on that aspect of the day soon, but as it stands, this is kind of a non-report, I guess? [Update: Best Comic: Summer Tears 1 by Harley Pagest & Andrea Manica; Best Zine:Team Dreams by Royal City Roller Girls ; Best New: Wich curated by Averill Smith] Item! Cartoonist Jay Stephens also attended the show and has a short report on his highly personal new blog, in which he also talks about how hard it is to make a living as a cartoonist, depression, and lsd. Very intense stuff! (Jay also has a collection of his classic Oddville strips coming out soon from Adhouse Books!)
Item! Another report from a con newbie on Toronto’s Fan Expo/Toronto ComiCon fan Appreciation Day, from last weekend.
Item! Brent Chittenden of Comic Book Daily recounts how he ended up hosting a panel with Geof Darrow and legendary Marvel inker Bob McLeod at the Fan Appreciation event. I love listening to McLeod talk about brushes, penpoints and ink and the long sensuous strokes of Frazetta and Wrightson around 21 minutes in. Also delicious Jack Kirby, Mike Mignola, John Byrne and Chris Claremont balloon-placement (35 min) anecdotes (audio from Jamie Coville)
Item! G.I.Joe fan and new blogger Ed Campbell pops his “pro” con-coverage cherry at Fan Appreciation Day.
Item! Anthony Falcone turns in a solid report from the Fan Appreciation con.
Item! Scott VanderPloeg on Day 1 and art acquisitions at Fan Appreciation con.
Item! Comic Book Daily’s editor Pete DeCourcy turns in his Fan App report.
Item! Dave Diep has Fan App photos. Wow, Comic Book Daily blogged the shit out of that con. It certainly seems there was a better comics presence than at Wizard World Toronto.
Item! Ty Templeton has a very thorough report from Toronto Fan App.
Item! A disapointed fan at Fan App.
Item! Jason Truong at Fan App.
Item! The Kill Shakespeare gang at Fan App.
Item! Kevin Boyd on Fan App.
Item! Michael DeForge, Bryan Lee O’Malley, and Emily Carroll (His Face All Red) are big winners at the Stumptown Festival.
Item! Calgary cartoonist Mark Fleck is the only Canadian among ten comic strip hopefuls vying for a development contract from Creators Syndicate in an online contest, and he’s using his divorce for inspiration.
Item! Joe Ollman signing at Bryan Prince Books, Hamilton.
Item! The Canadian invasion continues. Jillian Tamaki provides the cover to Best American Comics.
Item! Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog takes on National Robotics Week.
Item! We had a good discussion of Mark Laliberte’s Grey Supreme here at Sequential and now its Derik Badman’s turn at The Panelists.
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