Amazing that there is anything but TCAF news to post here but I have a few non-Toronto links. And don’t forget to refer back to the Sequential events listing for TCAF we published last week. Also, you might want to plan your time at the event by scoping out the floorplan and 300 exhibitors beforehand.
Item! First things first. Canada’s youngest newspaper cartoonist is 10-year-old Jasper Jubenvill, who is soliciting reader input for his next comic for BC’s Cloverdale Reporter. Super-cute!
Item! D+Q posts its TCAF schedule. There are a ton of events and signings featuring 10 Drawn and Quarterly cartoonists.
Item! Not to be outdone, Toronto’s Koyama Press has 7 books debuting at the festival and a ton of artists. (We should have a Koyama preview up at Sequential a little later.)
Item! Inkstud’s Robin McConnell’s TCAF schedule.
Item! New TCAF/Beguiling tote bag design by Jillian Tamaki and Michael DeForge.
Item! Darwyn Cooke talks about future projects including a digital-only work and new Parker books. (via Comics Reporter)
Item! Saturday, May 7th is Free Comic Book Day. The Shuster Awards blog has a listing of all the participating shops across Canada. As well, they link to a great video from Brampton, Ontario’s Stadium Comics shop that previews all the free comics. I’ve seen the D+Q John Stanley freebie, and its wonderful.
Item! Very sorry: I forgot to post the news of the booklaunch of The Next Day yesterday. The book is published by Pop Sandbox (Kenk) and is about suicide survivors. The only thing that could make that topic palatable to me is the fact that the comic is illustrated by the great John Porcellino. I’ve been a fan of Porcellino since the early 90s when I would get his Spit-and-a-Half catalog and King-Cat minicomics in the mail. I’m totally looking forward to his panel at TCAF (Sunday, May 8 at 2:15pm) like a giddy fanboy. By all appearances, the launch was a success. As well, you can see an interactive exhibit of The Next Day art the NFB Mediatheque in Toronto until the end of the month.