Item! Introducing VanCAF, the Vancouver Comics Arts Festival. It’s a new show that’s modeled after Toronto’s free festival and will take place May 26-27 2012, just 2 weeks after the Toronto event.
Item! And speaking of TCAF 2012, exhibitor applications are now available at the TorontoComics website.
Item! Scott VanderPloegg factchecks Jeet Heer’s Globe and Mail Captain America article for Comic Book Daily, and Jeet posts a longer corrected version here.
Item! You all are reading Sequential-contributor David Hains’ new blog about Toronto politics, right? It’s called The Clamshell and is pretty funny and has charts and stuff.
Item! Cameron Stewart has a new page of his Sin Titulo webcomic up and has announced his intention to increase his production with an eye towards book publication in 2012.
Item! This Magazine has a strong article on literacy and comics in the classroom. Lots about librarians and literacy advocates getting kids to read and not using comics as a bridge medium.
Item! Inspired by Wally Wood: 22 Manga Panels That Always Work.
Item! Seth’s comic book series Palookaville turns 20 this year and D+Q publisher Chris Oliveros has a nice post about it and the upcoming (2012) Palookaville #21.