Lots of comics stuff to read and see here from Beethoven Birthday Countdown headquarters!
Item! BTW, there is only one more day until Beethoven’s birthday!
Item! A Canadian collector snaps up a bargain: the first appearance of one of Canada’s first superheroes.
Item! Diana Tamblyn picks her fave graphic novels of 2011. That Rebecca Kraatz Snaps book is a personal favourite of mine as well! (Tamblyn’s post on mini-comics from the past year is recommended too.)
Item! The Wright Awards blog directs your attention to a 1940 Christmas comic strip feature starring the Dionne Quints.
Item! Jeff Smith defends graphic novels as “real” books on TVOntario current affairs and parenting show. Excruciating video. I feel sorry for people who have been blinded by the old 20th-Century bias in favour of books without pictures.
Item!original headquarters of The Justice League of America, and erstwhile home of most-hated-sidekick candidate Snapper Carr. Really, my comic book nerd licence should be revoked for not knowing this!
Item! The link of the moment is this great tutorial by Ganges creator Kevin Huizenga. Solid details about creating a template for comic book page thumbnails and rough drawings. Very process.
Item! Silver Age DC comic books like this random issue of Tomahawk are neglected gems with solid period storytelling and quirky but entertaining art. Classic kids comics style that is just as fun in a Batman story or in this adventure of the long-running Revolutionary War hero.
Item! Besides a Marvel Boycott and justice for Jack Kirby, all I want for Christmas is a “Proty slug figurine”.
Item! Eddie Campbell sums up Nancy history of romance comics, and includes a great caricature of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby by Al Feldstein.
Item! I don’t know what I find more appealing, a story about skeletal superheroes of a Brainiac-Sardon showdown.