Well, the news week on the Canadian comix scene was considerably less noisy and bellicose than things over on the U.S. side, but still some big stories at Sequential.
Monday: Kate Beaton announces she is taking a sabbatical from her webcomic (and then posts one of the best comics she’s ever done, “Loss”, about the death of a man from her hometown.)
Tuesday: On the C-List, Sequential gets in on the Boycott Marvel bandwagon with news of the Jack Kirby petition (which, if you look into it, it’s a conflict of interest to report on).
Wednesday: Montreal cartoonist Rick Trembles announced he’s in dire straits and could use some help.
Thursday: Conundrum Press reveals its graphic novel line-up for TCAF. Plus a new gig for the cartoonist Seth.
Friday: The Sequential Canadian Comics Bestseller List. Kate Beaton rounds out the week and tumbles from the top spot.