Comics news and links from across Canada and beyond:

Item! The Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show happened this past weekend. Totally didn’t get the memo on that, sorry. Matt Dysktra from the Edmonton Sun covered the con, which claimed attendance of 3000.
Item! The Globe and Mail profiles B.C. artist Glen Mullaly.
Item! Fun covers: Chester Brown and Seth fan art by Greg Elmensdorp and Anthony Vukojevich.
Item! And speaking of Seth and covers, an unobstructed view of Seth’s cover for the new Lemony Snicket book, and ancillary press.
Item! Strange Adventures in Halifax seems to be doing well with their Ladies Nights.
Item! Chris Butcher comments on the recent C.B Cebulski/Toronto Star/Marvel Comics page rates news/mini-tempest.
Item! TCAF’s full-page ad in the latest NOW.
Item! Are Viewmaster reels comics? My answer: some are, some aren’t.
Item! UDON Press is announcing a couple of new books: a collection of pin-up art by Mississauga’s Omar Dogan called Girl Seven and a book collecting work from a new generation of illustrators from the website PIXIV, sort of a Japanese version of DeviantArt, called PIXIV ALAMANAC.
Item! Forget about Sequential, the best comics journalism in Canada these days comes from the tireless Robin McConnell and his interviews on Inkstuds. The latest interviews include Kagan Macleod, who had an overlooked book last year with Infinite Kung Fu, and Gary Taxali, who has a new kids book line out.
Item! Robin was also at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle this past weekend. He posted a long photo-heavy report, with tons of U.S. and Canadian cartoonists, journalists, fans and great comic book finds. Go there to see a photo of a very slender and healthy-looking Tom Spurgeon. (Spurgeon has a report from the con, too.) Robin also has audio of the panel he hosted with Adam Warren, Brandon Graham, and Bryan Lee O’Malley.
Item! I guess the big publishing news from a Canadian creator at that convention, besides the colour Scott Pilgrim I mentioned on Saturday, is that Orc Stain’s James Stokoe will be doing a Godzilla comic for IDW.