profile from Croc magazine

Comedian & Contributor to Croc Magazine

by BK Munn
Comedian and writer Serge Grenier died April 6. He was 73.
Grenier formed the comedy quartet Les Cyniques while attending the University of Montreal in 1961. The group became a mainstay of the Quebec comedy scene, with myriad appearances on television and radio, as well as the cult film IXE-13, becoming something like the satiric face of the province’s Quiet Revolution.
When the group broke up in 1972, Grenier continued as a solo act, working in tv, records, and print.
For a time, he contributed as a writer and editor to the humour magazine Croc, Quebec’s answer to Mad, a fixture on the magazine racks between 1979 and 1994 and remembered for launching the careers of many cartoonists.
In later years, Grenier was known as a television producer and host, as well as one of the earliest headliners at the Just For Laughs festival.