Been spending a little more time than ussual on Facebook
the last week, promoting a crowdfunder.

In my spare moments collecting stories that float by
and posting them to our page a lot, here’s the last few days worth…

Item!: Bernie Mireault has posted a great long entry about his attending the latest Montreal Comic Con, and joining the EN MASSE crew there for the weekend. He was a regular at the Montreal Comic Jams over the years, he introduced me to them in fact. Sounds like he had a lot of fun with it. And he’s got photos of George Perezz painting with the EN MASSE crew too! Like Zoro!
Item!: New Snail is open, look forward to checking it out next time i’m in Toronto [been a long time since i had a good reason to be on that part of Young] in the mean time Ty took his kids and got to be the first customers, again!
Item!: Photos of a “drawing concert” with Philippe Girard, Todd Picard, Reine Du Mambo, Mathieu Girard, Fred Lebrasseur and Joe Ollmann!
Item!: J.Torres has been posting notices about contributors to his new comcis antholagy and Indigogo project True Patirot. Here’s linkts to their Facebook Page, and posts about  Howard Wong & Adrian AlphonaTom FowlerAgnes GarbowskaJay StephensJ. Bone, Jack Briglio & Ron SalasRamon PerezAndy BScott ChantlerFaith Erin Hicks, and the book itself [1st]. Their funding drive on Indiegogo goes live Monday, October 1st.
Item!: Cameron Stewart has been putting up a lot of new pages of Sin Titulo on a regular bassis latley, I’m way behind. Also a bunch of new pin up sketches too.
Item!: My own little fund raiser goes well, but still the last 3rd to go. Check out the trailer, pitch clip, and perks, and consider supporting it?