The Dynamic Duo from Conundrum: Dave Lapp and Nina Bunjevac
By Dalton Sharp
They could have called it Canzine: The Return of the Comic Book. There was huge number of new books on offer. It seemed like every second table was a cartoonists. The following is a small sampling.
Dave Lapp and Nina Bunjevac tabled for Conundrum Press. Both are enjoying great reviews, Dave for People Around Here, Nina for Heartless. If you’re not following their blogs, well, you’re cheating your eyeballs!  and
Adam VanHorne and Rodrigo Bravo share a comic book universe…and a table.
The men from Nipple Factory: Adam VanHorne (Counter Balance) and Rodrigo Bravo (Counter Balance: Jungle Fever) have books that tie in with each other. Each has beauty art and wonderfully strange storylines. Buy their stuff now, so you can say you knew them when.
MJ was selling her ‘Untitled’ comics with beautiful hand printed covers. Sophistcated, poetic, you can spend a lot of time staring at these
James Spencer has released the sixth issue of his Toony Quarterly series. TQ is a mix of journal and fiction comics that’s published…quarterly.
Another sixth – Jason Bradshaw debuted the 6th issue of Boredom Pays, which is mostly a collection of autobiographic comics. Judging by the number of people I saw carrying them around, they sold well. The art was very sharp.
Michael Faust’s full colour Wolfarines! was available in your choice of newsprint or regular paper. Go to to check out the great illustration work he’s been kicking out lately.
Mike Bauman exposed his latest, C.H.U.B. (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Boner). It’ll keep you up at night. Yeah, yeah, yeah…sorry.
No I’m not.
Mary Johnsen brought the Heavy Metal Thunder with Givin’ R Daily about the weird stuff that happens to her. Johnsen’s art has a Julie Doucet / Fiona Smyth vibe going on that’s a lot of fun and crazy promising.

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  1. Hey Dalton, Adam VanHorne here. Thanks so much for mentioning our work on sequential! As well as coming by the table and picking up the comics, both I and Rodrigo really appreciate it. It was nice chatting with you for a while.
    If I could just mention one correction though, the link you included in the article leads to the wrong address. It should be Not that big of a problem but just if people wanted to check out more they might need it!
    Alright sorry about that. And thanks again. Hopefully we’ll run into you again at the next even.

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