The hurricane has come and gone, leaving a huge expensive mess, death, and destruction in its wake all across the U.S. Eastern seaboard. I haven’t heard anything specific about comics people suffering great losses due to the storm but I can’t imagine, viewing CNN footage of towns in New Jersey underwater, that there isn’t a comic shop, collection, or artist’s studio somewhere that has been damaged or otherwise adversely affected. Here’s a couple things I have seen:
Item! Kate Beaton sketched during the storm and its immediate aftermath. Such a great casual line. (Beaton also just sold out of a limited edition of 500 sketchbooks.)
Item! Gary Panter shares harrowing news of his neighbourhood on facebook.
Item! Heidi takes a stroll though the NYC comics landscape.
Item! Tom Spurgeon has the news, or non-news as the case may be, via Bill Kartalopoulos, that the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is on schedule for its November 10 opening.