Item! This article in the Hamilton Spectator about Doug Wright includes an interview with Phyllis Wright in which she talks about how Doug had his own booth covered with his original art at the Hamilton steakhouse The Sirloin Cellar. The place is apparently closed but according to a reliable source I asked, the artwork has not been on display at least for the last several years. Does anybody know where the Doug Wright art from the Sirloin Cellar may have ended up?
Item! That privately-printed Kate Beaton sketchbook mentioned on the C-List last week is apparently now being published by a new imprint headed up by New York’s Desert Island comic shop owner and Smoke Signal publisher Gabe Fowler.
Item! Dave Sim artwork from the 1980 Howard the Duck magazine.
Item! Toronto comics writer Jim Zub has announced his Image series Skullkickers will wrap up with issue #36 in this interview with The Beat: “Skullkickers is plotted out through to the end. It actually feels weird to type that, but it’s true. Unless something major changes, we’re planning to wrap up the story after six story arcs in issue #36. Skullkickers will be six trade paperbacks or a fantasy trilogy of hardback books (each one containing two arcs). That’s my plan, the art team is on board and I’m hopeful we’ll be able to see it through to completion.”