Welcome back for a new year of comics news and reviews at Sequential. This round of links is courtesy of Sequential contributor (and very busy animation writer/producer) Robert Pincombe. It was supposed to be the last C-List of 2012 but because I was a little busy over the holidays up to New Year’s (mostly digging a bunker to hide my comics in, in case the Mayans were off by a few weeks), it is now the first C-List of 2013.
Take it away Robert:
Item! Diana Tamblyn has started posting her personal Best of 2012 on her blog, starting with Brian K. Vaughn and our own Fiona Staples.
Item! Dave Lapp’s latest book People Around Here, gets more love from InsideToronto.com.
Item!Toronto’s Comic Book Lounge, Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp and the Comic Book Embassy are sponsoring a 24 Hour Comic Challenge at the Lounge on Sat. January 5. the announcement is a Facebook page.
Item!This extra webby Christmas gift making the YouTube rounds (and spotlighted on ABC News apparently) was partially filmed at Toronto’s shared Comic Book Lounge and Guerilla Printing shop.
Item! Kingston collector Sheila Marsh is interviewed in Kingston Business Today by a reporter who knows nothing about comics.
Item! St. Catherines Standard’s Health Reporter and writer of a twice monthly anti-stupid rant, cites 1950’s anti-comics crusader Frederic Wertham as part of his don’t blame gaming for violence argument.
Item! The Economist talks webcomics, including a shout out for Kate Beaton.
Item! Robot Roulette plays six questions with Faith Erin Hicks.
Item! Need a belated Christmas Gift or some New Year’s non-football viewing? You couldn’t’ go wrong with Ron Mann’s seminal comix documentary, Comic Book Confidential’s 20th Anniversary release, reviewed here at whatdvd.net.