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by Robert Pincombe
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Items! I had a chance to pop by Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Boot Camp and the Comic Book Embassy’s 24-Comic Event, hosted by the Comic Lounge and Guerilla Printing.
The turnout was most impressive with over thirty people working at the halfway point. There are several round ups and links for a lot of the diverse new work created. Alice Quinn has a video report over at And over at Mr. Templeton did a Bun Toon tributes to 24 hour cartoon warriors! And in the notes on Quinn’s clip you’ll find this excellent list as well! Keiren’s post on the event (all the participants). 24 hour comics online: Christopher Yao & James Cooper’s Sad Robot. Rodrigo Bravo: The Last Day. Brice Hall’s  Two Hapless Chaps. Aaron Feldman and Rebecca Slack’s Space.  Ricky Lima’s Huma Am & Adam Gorham’s malevolent spider.
Item! Speaking of the Comic Book Lounge. This week they held their first Ladies Night. But given the success, we doubt it will be their last.
Item! Brian Lee O’Malley’s “Sex Bob-Omb”, Scott Pilgrim’s cartoon band, was honoured by Now Magazine as one of Toronto’s Best Fake Bands.
Now let’s get the heck out of Toronto for a bit…
Item! Victoria’s Times Colonist writer, Robert Amos, interviews artist Lyle Schultz (
Item! San Francisco’s Berkely Rep Theatre stages comic book style play.  We’ve seen this approach before. Does not always work though.

Two cartoony items from across the pond of note:

Item! The Telegraph profiles about an exhibition at the Cartoon Museum of London, England honoring Canada-born cartoonist Wally Fawkes (Trog).
Item!, the website of journalist and essayist Paul Slade, offers an extensive history and summation of the life and work of Reg Smythe, creator Andy Capp. Slade argues convincingly that Andy Capp is one of the most successful comic strips ever and Smythe is unfairly overlooked. Grab a coffee and maybe a sandwich. It’s a long read but well worth the time.