We’re overdue to catch up on news in Canada’s comics industry here, largely facilitated by the social networks. Todays post is unfortunately motivated by some tragic news.
DebraansStanItem: Debra Jane Shelly, one of Toronto’s most active comics boosters and partner & companion to Kevin A. Boyd–founder of the Joe Shuster Awards and owner of The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery–passed away unexpectedly some time after posting a reminder to her friends about their regular Ladies’ Night at the Lounge. The local comics scene was stunned by this news today, she was a young and vital seeming person, no word at this time about the cause other than it seems to have been quite unexpected. Richard Evans wrote this blog post upon hearing the news.
I think I only met her a few times myself, but she was always very generous with a smile.  I can’t claim to have known her well, though I do consider Kevin a friend. So we’ll be publishing a proper remembrance in the coming days by someone who knew her better.  It’s safe to say she had a big impact on a huge swath of people, and will be much missed.
If you wish to pay your respects Kevin is on twitter at @kev_the_mev.
Our condolences to her family and friends.
Max Douglas