by BK Munn
Montreal comics publier Les Éditions Pow Pow is having a quintuple booklaunch for its Fall line on October 28th at the Cheval Blanc (809 Ontario E.) beginning at 5pm.
The first book by Blonk is also the first full-color book published by Pow Pow. 23 h 72 tells the story of Jean-Christophe, a zombie trying to bring some semblance of order to his life after life. The artists will be on hand to discuss their work and sign books.
With Les Cousines Vampires, Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau and Cathon offer a fantasy-flavored humorous story set in a universe that evokes some classics of the vampire genre.
La Guerre des Artes. In this age of austerity, cartoonist Francis Desharnais compresses his budget to give us a sci-fi comedy produced with ten boxes – a great economy of means that enables a fair reflection on the place culture in our society.
Dessins by Pascal Girard. A collection of sketches that Le Devoir said display “an amazing sensitivity … reminiscent of Sempé.”
Je sais tout by Pierre Bouchard. Translated as “I Know everything,” Bouchard’s comic is billed as a display of knowledge that would put Olympic-level Triva Pursuit players to shame.