TRIP Vol #8 - cover by Tin Can Forest.
TRIP #8 – cover by Tin Can Forest.
Get your comics ready! Editions TRIP Editors Stanley Wany, Marc Tessier and Jean-Michel Berthiaume are putting together TRIP No 9, and have put out an open call for submissions for Québec’s only magazine featuring comics, essays and interviews. And with this volume will also now to include english content section as well!
They tell us there are two aspect to the magazine:

1.Essays on comics.
“TRIP has featured long essays (up to 30 pages) on the comics creators of Quebec but we are open to other subjects. We’re interested in the legacy of past creators as well as the new voices of today.”

2.Actual comics!
“In the past TRIP has featured young and older creators, experimental comics that play with narratives codes and authors from around the world with a personal approach to the medium. Remember, TRIP is a laboratory. We like to experiment and have fun.”

To confirm your interest please write us at :

This is the production calendar:
-Please submit your idea for a text or a comix page count and sample art by November 1st.
-Final texts and comics should be sent in by December 24th 2015.
-In February 2016, the magazine will be assembled.
-Starting in mid-March, it will be launched in Montréal, Québec City and in Toronto at TCAF.
Technical specs:
-All texts saved in Word format for MAC
-Final printed format for comics in black and white : 7 1\4 by 4 1\2 inches.
-Format for comics and illustrations with bleed in black and white : 6 1\2 par 8  3\4 inches.
-We have a very limited number of pages in color, please aim for pages in black and white.