Carpet Sweeper Tales by Julie Doucet

by BK Munn
One of the big Spring releases from D+Q is this new book from all-time great Julie Doucet. Carpet Sweeper Tales is described as “a genre-defying masterwork” that “collages photo comics, using elements drawn from vintage women’s and home decorating magazines to craft sharp and hilarious stories that critique past and current ideas about femininity.” We can’t wait to see this book and if you are in Montreal or Toronto, you can be one of the first to hold it in your hands and meet the artist in the flesh at book launch events taking place today and this weekend.
Doucet will be launching the book in Montreal, Thursday April 7th the D+Q bookstore (211 Rue Bernard O), and in Toronto, on Sunday April 10th, at an event at Type Books (883 Queen St. West) moderated by Sook Yin lee.