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By Salgood Sam, via our FB Team!

It’s been a packed one, let’s dig right in.  First, some fun stuff, it’s been a great week for interviews!

A very serious Joe Ollmann holds a photo of William Seabrook, the subject of his graphic-novel biography The Abominable Mr. Seabrook. Photos of Joe by Taien Ng-Chan

Item: Andy and Derek from The Comics Alternative talk with Joe Ollmann about his latest book, The Abominable Mr. Seabrook! Boy D+Q really is doing a great job getting the word out about this book! Nice to see.

Personally I was in already for it, from watching Joe post the progress on the work. But having listened to this great podcast I now HAVE to read this book. Fan bias, been reading Joe’s comix since they were zines!

Item: Mentioned in the interview, here’s the first of three comics for the Paris Review, about how Joe Ollmann wrote The Abominable Mr. Seabrook! This is Joe’s second series at the Paris Review, you can check all his stuff on there, here.

Item:  Today was the last day of operations for The Beguiling Books & Art on Markham Street in Mirvish village. Bart Beaty had some very nice things to say.

Item:  This Halifax exhibit includes a number of editorial cartoons in the curation! The Canadian Press describes some interesting pieces and give the cartoons a nod! They shared a few on the post as well, i’ll embed those here.

Item: A business profile of Sara Nguyen, the mastermind behind Toronto’s trendy Junction “geek bar” See-scape. See this is the missing piece of the puzzle for local comics shops, they need booz!

Item:  The next Comic Shop Ladies Night in Toronto will be taking place The Sidekick FEB 11th! The Sidekick is another hip comics shop that’s also a Cafe rather than just a book store.

Item:  The Toronto Revenant Comic Jam rises early next week! On the 31st @ 408 Queen St W, the ol’ Cameron House!

Item: TODAY, January the 25th is the date for the next The Ottawa Comic Jam!

Item:  January 29th will see a LiQIBD: Improvise-moi une BD event at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ) 179 Grande Allée Ouest, Quebec, Quebec.

Item: FEB 1st is Image Day at The [New!] Beguiling Image Comics is turning 25 in February 2017, they’re celebrating with a year-long party kicking-off with Image Comics Day on February 1st. The Beguiling is participating with a special event, featuring J. Bone (The Savoirs) and Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals, Kaptara)! @The Beguiling, 319 College Street, from 6pm-8pm.

Item: Seth: Making History – In Conversation with Michael DeForge! Saturday, March 4th, 2 PM – 4 PM @ the Jackman Humanities Building.

Item: Jason Loo’s The Pitiful Human-Lizard’s volume 2 launch is March 15!

Item:  Promo 9e Art teamed up with Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême for their annual  24 heures de la bande dessinée à la Maison des Auteurs! A 24 hour comics event. Featuring over 400 artists, several QC creators signed up including Auln Frederic-Vivianne, winner of the prix Bédélys Indépendant last year. The panel here is her’s. You can see her full 14 page contribution to the effort here now!  Danika did 13 pages, Germain Rachel 7, Mini Cachalot has 9 posted, Perron-Cormier Camille put up 6, Préville Charlotte 11, & Vicky 4! There may be more from QC there but those are all listed as being at Emi Gatineau.

Item:  The 2nd annual PRIX JACQUES-HURTUBISE : Submissions call! The prize is of $1000 for francophone comics and authors. The award was created in 2016 to promote new work and emerging authors in Quebec. In addition to the prize, the winner’s work will be exhibited in 2018 during the 31th presentation of the FBDFQ!

Item: Go Ahead Punk, Make My Art! Jaime Hernandez interviewed by Koom Kankesan for!
“It’s going to sound simple. It’s not. I’ve taken my whole life to get this. But basically, I’m thinking the whole time – okay, these characters I’m using: who are they? And how would they end up? How would they deal with a situation? Basically, Hopey is a reactor. She has no thought balloons anymore. In the early days, she did but I decided to take out her thoughts because you’re not supposed to know what she’s thinking. Hopey is just someone who’s going to come out with something and you don’t know what it’s going to be.”

Item: Koom Kankesan presented Get Thee to a Library!’ on the 18th, his talk with the enigmatic Chester Brown. “You might be forgiven for thinking that Chester Brown immigrated to Toronto from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lothlórien. There is an enigmatic, ethereal quality to his presence. A deep and patient thinker…”

Item: Koom Kankesan presented Get Thee to a Library!’ on the 16th, ‘Canadian Melancholy’, his interview with Seth! “…happiness makes my work better and makes me work harder. I have never much thrived on anger or depression. In fact, those darker feelings prevent me from working. My work is pretty much derived from self-indulgence. From a child-like desire for play.”

Item: Alan Moore, interviewed by Koom Kankesan for! This time, he only got in Four Questions! Alan of course, did all the talking.

Item: Of course on to punch Nazis or not, has been all over the feeds since the 20th. As pointed out by co blogger Bryan Munn, Johnny Canuck was pretty clear on this.  I’ve had my two bits on the topic as well.  I like the NIB’s Matt Bors take on it – “the Alt-Right hook”. And I like William Daniel Buller’s Portrait of Richard Spencer. Nice detail with the Pepe pin. #SolidarityWithMattFurie

A photo posted by William Buller (@danbuller) on

Item:  Ann Telnaes, president of the US Cartoonists society and brilliant Washington Post artist, talked to the CBC about her job Covering Donald Trump as an editorial cartoonist. Generally good talk though of course, had to ask ‘what’s it like as a woman?’…sigh. Ok ok. I dig her animated work!

Item: Alan Bunce’s morning doodles! He does these most days!

Item: The five footed Republican alternative facts, by Michael de Adder.

Item: A brand new site for cartoonist Eric Kostiuk Williams!

Item: The Beguiling move in the Globe, i’ll miss the crowded house but the new shop looked great on my first visit over new years. Wish i’d been more loaded and been able to buy an armful.

Item: In the wake of Trump’s attack on John Lewis, Michael Dooley looks back on Ho Che Anderson’s King comics biography on Printmag.

Item: Crime comics maestro Ed Brisson talks about the new Bullseye series he’s writing for Marvel.
Item: The Happy Undertaker Episode 105 (1 of 1)

Item: The D+Q shipping news : March: “New Sikoryak, DeForge, and Bagge!”

Item: Writer Brad de Roo interviews Tom Smart on his new monograph, Seth and the Art of Graphic Autobiography for Carte Blanche.

Item: The second issue of the digital first Chapter House series, ‘True Patriot Presents’ is out#HeykidsComics! !
Item: #MeetTheArtist[s] J. Bone.

Ramón K Pérez.

Item: Marco Rudy splashing around some colors!

Item: James Lloyd inking.

Item: Podcast 9to5 is back, after a little break between storylines.

Item: Here’s my two bits from the desk, working slowly on getting Dracula done, as usual it seems! Follow me over on Patreon here!

And I have some art up for sale, both on my site here, and on Facebook here i’ve posted a gallery of more recent things. It’s been a lean hollidays, I could use the sales so go take a look for fun, and if something tickles your fancy pick it up or drop me a line! Spidey here is only $100 cnd!

That is all for now!


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