With two successful profit sharing geared presale style crowdfunding campaigns, the Toronto Comics  Anthology is back, launching a new Kickstarter for Volume 4, called…

“Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart”


Aww, cute title! Here’s a preview of art from the latest in the Toronto Comics series, a 210-pager featuring 21 new Toronto stories by local writers and artists. The campaign launches today, March 1st 2017, and runs for the month. Check it out here!

Funds raised are being put towards covering printing, shipping costs, and paying the anthology’s contributors! The editors, Steven Andrews, Aaron Feldman, and Allison O’Toole, brought together a team of 39 for this one. And their last two crowdfunding campaigns exceeded the goals the started out with handedly, illustrating the strong local Toronto comics audience’s ability to support local work this way. Here’s hoping they can repeat or surpass that success with Volume 4!

The book features a foreword by Jeff Lemire and a new cover by Adam Gorham.  covering the collected works of Fred Kennedy. Alex Rodway, Phil McClorey, Xan Grey, Mathew Tavares, Meaghan Carter, Miike Something, Michael Tuck, Derrick Chow, Safiyya Hosein, Gina Basora, Saffron Aurora, Aaron Feldman, James Riehl, Gwen Howarth, Sam Noir, Dino Caruso, Meagan Moynagh, Tuhin Giri, Kelvin Sue, Jeff Estrella, Cleopatria Peterson, David Namisato, Stephanie Cooke, Shawn Daley, Allison O’Toole, Rodrigo Bravo, Aaron Broverman, Colton Gilson, Steven Andrews, Ally Rom Colthoff, BC Holmes, Brenna Baines, Emma Burkeitt, Marcia Iwasaki, Sam Ruano, Jason Song Quinn, Lorena Torres Loaiza, and Rebecca Slack!

Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart
is slated to debut physically at TCAF, May 13-14, 2017.

About the Toronto Comics Anthology

The Toronto Comics Anthology is an annual series dedicated to celebrating GTA creators, showcasing indie veterans and fresh newcomers alike. Volume 1 and 2 were both nominated for the Gene Day Award at the 2015 and 2016 Joe Shuster awards. You can find out everything you need to know here on their press page.