Calgary Expo

by BK Munn
The big comics convention in Calgary, The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, is this weekend. Some actual big names (film and tv actors) and a motley crew of comics headliners but no wrestlers? I don’t think? I would love to meet playwright and actor Wallace Shawn myself.
Comics guests include Amy Chu, Camilla D’Errico, Jim Shooter, Jim Zub, Stan Lee, Hope Nicholson, Kurtis Wiebe, Tom Grummett, Todd McFarlane, and many more. There is also a very full “Artists’ Alley” that includes many crafters and non-comics people alongside actual comics makers and The Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund booth.
Sure to be a fun three days for all involved!
Calgary Stampede Park
Thursday, April 27th 4pm-9pm
Friday, April 28th 1pm-9pm
Saturday, April 29th 10am-7pm
Sunday, April 30th 10am-5pm