Original Doug Wright Comic Strip Up for Grabs

by BK Munn
Lost in the din and the lengthy awards ceremony this past Saturday was the announcement that the Doug Wright Awards has launched the first of a series of online art auctions to raise badly-needed funds for the organization (those new Seth-designed trophies ain’t cheap). A bevy of international cartoonists have donated art to this event, the theme of which is a Tribute to Archie Comics, follwing on the heels of the 75th anniversary of Archie. Participating artists include R. Sikoryak, Jesse Jacobs, Chester Brown, Connor Willumsen, John Martz, Patrick Kyle, Dakota McFadzean, Pascal Girard, Zach Worton, David Collier, Joe Ollmann, Keith Jones and Steven Gilbert. Some truly bizarre and beautiful pieces there.
As well, and for the first time ever that I’m aware of, an original comic strip by Doug Wright himself will be up for auction. The art is a great sample from the peak 1960s “Doug Wright’s Family” run. The artwork has been donated by the Wright family from the family’s personal collection. Among collectors of comic strip art and Canadiana this should be a big deal as I think this is akin to a Charles Schulz Peanuts strip coming up for the first time.
R. Sikoryak is the first to go on the block, coinciding with the artist’s traditional live-sketching marathon at the awards ceremony.
The first auction is already live on Ebay with the rest scheduled to roll out over the next few weeks. The auction link is here.
See more of the artwork on the Wright Awards Facebook page.
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