Time for this weeks C-List, summarizing the latest we’ve been made aware of that’s going down in Canadian Comics!

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Item: Speech Bubble’s Aaron Broverman talks in his latest podcast with Diana M. McCallum of ‘From Superheroes‘!

Item: The Globe and Mail review of Kris Bertin & Alexandner Jarmes Forbrs The Case of the Missing Men.
Item: Dominic Bercier has a new comic in the works, sign up here to check it out!
Item: A simple Alan Bunce Doodle!

Item: First, artist Samuel Agro has been posting Capsule Film & Media Reviews with fun illustrated cartoon emoji faces of himself summarizing them. All to say, Sam loves him some Black Panther!

Item: latest webcomics from TabulitThe ! And happy birthday too, the site is just past it’s one year old mark!
Item: Aislin aka Terry Mosher cartoons, a classic and a contemporary…

Item:  Michael de Adder Cartoons!


Item: Simon Roy doodles of a man and his turkey? Hijinks sure to ensue!

Item: Posts from Chapterhouse Comics True Patriot Presents:
A look at some process work from Hugh Rookwood for Dominion Jack.

Crude art in progress by David Bishop.

Item: Chapterhouse Comics has an event coming up called ‘Invasion’ bringing together heroes of the Chapterverse – Fantomah, Freelance, The Pitiful Human-Lizard, Northguard, Agents of P.A.C.T., and Fallen Suns. Chief Creative Office Jay Baruchel has some details in the first clip here.

In other news a new Freelance issue is out soon…

Item: Art post! Kent Burles, ‘Father of Shrouds’, Sargarasa, Altar of the Young Gods, and Pinky!

Item: Damian Willcox posts: “Apart from the odd skywhale tickle attack, Herbert had to agree – Maine was quite lovely in the fall.”

Item: Bernie Mireault is on T-Republic, you can get Jam T’s now!
He’s also got a FB page so you can follow him and show him some love.

Item: In the footsteps of Dishman, but smellier? Diaperman 14

Item: Can-con alert, Andrew Hahn, Kevin Parent Roditeli, and Rottsteak Comics are contributing to the Kaiju Gods anthology currently on Kickstarter.
Item: Follow Rick Trembles on Instagram to get his comics in your feeds

Item: Andrew Hahn’s Beaver Damn #2 coming March 31rst. And here you’ll find a listing of where you’ll be able to shake the hand of Andrew Hahn‎ in the next few months…
“Supernatural horror set in Canada during the height of the fur trade!” – details on this FB page.

Item: Are you planning to attend the Panel One Comic Creator Festival, a one day fest in Calgary? Get the details here, looks like tables are sold out, but they do have a waiting list.

Item: Spring Geequinox ~ Version 5.0! Saturday, 14 April 2018 at 11-7 – Sunday, 15 April 2018 at 10-6, at the Halifax Forum | Windsor Street | Halifax, NS. Kid Friendly! “Come Join the fun as we gather once more for the MOST AFFORDABLE weekend of geeky goodness! Panels, Vendors, Costume contests(Sunday), Gaming of all kinds and prizes!”

Item: Jack Briglio posts: “Take 2 continues this week with Chapter 3, Just One Job. Brought to you by the team of yours truly, Sal Donaire, Carlos Ríos, and Andrew Thomas. Get our story and 5 others through digital anthology magazine, Aces Weekly.”
Item: Strangebeard Action from Kelly Tindal!

Item: Last Thursday Conceptual Heist update! Jemma on a lunch date!

Item: Canadian comics action in Big Nick #3 by Expired Comics.

Item: HAH! ‘Thunder: Half Norse God, half Canadian. Super polite!’ by Hakan Aydın

Item: Graeme Williams and Justin Shauf’s kickstarter for Frankenstein: A World of Gods & Monsters Issue #1 is in it’s last two weeks, check it out! Martin Boruta interviewed Justin Shauf on First Comics here about his Frankenstein project with writer Graeme Williams.

Item: An interview with Saskatchewan based James Zintel, comics and kids book creator!
Item: And last for today, Adam Pottier has an update on the guest list for King Con 2018. The list looks like this more or less now [check for the latest here.] Andrew Wheeler, J. Torres, Danny Zabbal, Andrew Thomas, Attila Adorjany, Craig Taillefer, Dan Day, Tom Fowler & me, Salgood Sam. Also special performance guest: magician James Harrison!

That’s it for this week, we’ll leave you off with a pic of BEM sporting a snazzy Jam Crew Neck. You know you have to have one!