After successfully funding his second Auroraman comic book through Kickstarter in 2017 and receiving the funds, writer Jeff Burton fell victim to fraud and lost the funds in his account.  He has since spent over a year fighting with the bank to be reimbursed but has been denied. He has since taken on an extra job and released smaller runs of comics to earn more profit to fulfill the kickstarter. But the loss was significant enough that it would take a long time to recover.
Kickstarters are not guaranteed products for backers and creators do make mistakes, but this is an a example of a well planned and budgeted kickstarter being struck by an outside disaster. At this point backers should be willing to forgive the situation and take the loss, but Jeff does not want to disappoint his supporters and is asking for donations on GoFund me to complete the kickstarter. So if anyone is in the spirit of giving then here is an opportunity to help an indie comic creator in need and help his backers receive their rewards.
This is also a reminder to review your bank accounts security features and to check your transactions often.