Hey, so it’s been a while since I put one of these together, what YOU been doing lately?

by Max aka Salgood Sam

I’ve been preoccupied with other things but thought I should get back into the habit of putting one of these up now and then. The C-list is an irregular summary of can con comics activity and other big news, from recent days and weeks, not already posted about on the blog, but possibly shared to our Facebook fan page, group, or seen elsewhere online.

Sequential Issue 01 CoverBy the by in case you hadn’t noticed we’ve had some new blood on board with Brendan Montgomery, joining the site and pretty much single-handedly reviving the idea of a Sequential Magazine.  In case you weren’t aware, he got his start making some comics while in university and started the Can Comics Wiki a few years ago.

If you haven’t already, you should go here, and get a copy of the first issue of his new run of the magazine!. It’s free to download, donations optional and I know he’s looking for contributors, advertisers and sponsors! Vol 2 is going to be focused on TCAF.

In other news:

-Item: Kelly Tindall talks to the True North Country Comics podcast ahead of the release of the Show Me History series in March. PlayerFM//Apple.

-Item:  Karl Kerschl’s The Abominable Charles Christopher web comic returns with a THOOM!

-Item: Shane Heron and Christopher Yao talked to Aaron Broverman on Speech Bubble podcast last week, about the Cauldron Magazine Kickstarter!

*FYI Sequential magazine is a sponsor of Speech Bubble.

Here’s a look at the work in Cauldron pulled from the drive page. The top pic for this post is also from the book.

-Item:  Sunday MAR 31 Dirty Water Comics is launching their new book, Christie Pits, detailing Toronto’s historic Christie Pits Riots. With white nationalists in the news again an all the more relevent story today. Preorder the book here! They did a local radio interview recently, on 680CJOB, listen to them here.

-Item:  Tomorrow, February the 23rd, in Toronto you can check out Jews and Comics : People of the Comic Book. A panel discussion with Gerald Hartman, Steven Bergson and Jordan B. Gorfinkel, they will have their books available for sale.

-Item: Years ago Sherwin showed me the mostly finished first pass on a book he was working on, the setting was, well, what if Alice never stopped falling?

Not sure if that’s what he said to me but how I thought of it after he showed me the book and told me a bit about it. I’m not sure why he put it aside for a while, but finally it’s on its way!

Plummet by Sherwin Tjia is coming this fall from Conundrum Press, i’m excited, you should be too!

-Item: Hey you know I post stuff on Patreon a lot, here’s a few recent things:

Drawing Demo’s from my art class, on caricature and perspective respectively, studies from a field trip to Ballet Divertimento de Montréal. A critique of one of my students work with draw over notes on line weight use. And the covers and a map for my finally completed comic with Mark Sable, Dracula Son of the Dragon. And, this video! And this video!
All, since new year. It’s been busy!

Cover art from Dracula son of the dragon
Cover art from Dracula son of the dragon

-Item: An interview with Darcy Van Poelgeest about his new upcoming Image book with Ian Bertram, ‘Little Bird’.

-Item: New indie publisher called Sandstone Comics is launching out of P.E.I.

They have their first Kickstarter here and reputedly will also be attending the first IEX convention in Charlottetown. They were on the local CBS, here’s the audio from that interview.

-Item: Comics have been pretty warmly embraced by many libraries, but headline exaggerations notwithstanding, here’s a CBC report about the Canada Comics Open Library’s quest for a permanent home for it’s 600-title collection! The project is really cool, I look forwarding to visiting it in the future and donating all my books.

-Item: Rob Walton’s Ragmop is in need of a Publisher, he’s posted chapter one in its entirety to give people a taste, check it out

-Item: “‘Work for a Million,’ pioneering lesbian pulp fiction, gets graphic novel makeover“, QVoiceNews spotlights the very cool looking new graphic novel from Hope Nicholson’s Bedside Press. Adapted by veteran writer Amanda Deibert (“Wonder Woman ‘77”) and artist Selena Goulding (“Susanna Moodie”), based on the 1986 novel by the same name by Eve Zaremba featuring her groundbreaking private investigator character Helen Keremos.

-Item: Calgary writer Ryan Ferrier will join Vic Malhotra for a four-issue mini-series comic based on the Netflix series Narcos.

-Item: A Hamilton Spectator report on a lecture given by Steve Orlando and Jim Zub about the multidimensional nature of writing graphic narratives and making a living in the comic book industry.

-Item: PW talked to Faith Erin Hicks about her first young adult prose novel Comics Will Break Your Heart.

-Item:  Chapter 5 of Conceptual Heist on LINE WEBTOON! Comic looks great as always, sadly after some successes their latest KS drive does not look like it’s going so great.  Rough time of year to try fundraising. If you think you can help swoop in fast!

-Item: New comics art by George Todorovski!

And that’s all for now! If you’ve got comics news, send it to us, or post it to the Sequential Group on FB here!