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Sequential is a digital first magazine dedicated to covering the Canadian indie comic community. Get ready for TCAF with interviews and book reviews with creators exhibiting at the best comic show in North America! Cover art by Salgood Sam.

  • Feature interview with Jason Loo about the final issue of the Pitiful Human Lizard
  • Other Interviews with Megan Kearney, Lindsay Ishihiro, Sam Noir, Sam Beck & Scott Ford
  • Reviews of The Witching Hours, Apologetica and Aurora Borealice books

Also writers from our Magazine team will be moderating the following panels at TCAF!

  • Comics Formalism  May 11th at 10:00 AM until 11:00 AM

    A combination of visual and linguistic elements, comics have always uniquely communicated with (and through) form in ways that other media simply can’t. From staunch traditionalists to free experimenters, this panel will host creators discuss the decisions that go into making (and breaking) their art. Featuring Emily Carroll (When I Arrived at the Castle), Jason (O Josephine!), Nora Krug (Belonging), Paul Kirchner (The Bus), and Sanya Anwar (1001). Moderated by Zach Rondinelli.

  • Canadian Cartooning: Then and Now  May 11th at 1:30 PM until 2:30 PM

Canada has a long and rich history of excellent cartooning. Hear about it from the people who were there! Join Joan Steacy (Aurora Borealice), Michael Cherkas (Silent Invasion), Siris (The Vagabond Valise), and Jeffrey Ellis (Cloudscape Comics) as they talk about their histories in comics, and how they seen the scene now. Moderated by Brendan Montgomery.

  • World Building Process  May 11th at 2:45 PM until 3:45 PM

Creators discuss the process and struggles of creating original Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Supernatural worlds! With Ben Sears (Double+ Adventures), Evan Dahm (Island Book), Larry Hancock (The Silent Invasion), NikaComics (Signals), and Carolyn Nowak (Girl Town). Moderated by Brendan Montgomery.

  • Explosive Action: David Rubín Spotlight  May 11th at 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM

David Rubín is an amazingly prolific artist, having drawn such fantastic books as Aurora West, The Hero, Beowulf, Sherlock Frankenstein, Rumble, Ether, and more. Come and hear about his latest book, The Grand Abyss Hotel (a political satire on democracy today through the lense of hyper-violence), and learn about what he is surely already working on next. Moderated by Aaron Broverman.

  • Chunky Roots: Craig Thompson Spotlight May 12th at 2:45 PM until 3:45 PM

    Craig Thompson has made a lasting impact on independent comics with his award-winning works like Blankets, Habibi and Good-bye Chunky Rice. His art often explores religious and cultural norms in ways that inspires both connection and controversy. With interviewer Aaron Broverman (Speech Bubble Podcast), Craig will be discussing his career and his latest work, Ginseng Roots, which marks his return to serialized comics.