While this year was a hard one on everyone, yet indie comic creators still persevered and used their lockdown time wisely to create more amazing comics for us to enjoy. So now in its fourth year, Sequential Magazine is once again presenting its Sequential Magazine Awards. The goal of these awards are to recognize the excellent work being done by Canadian comics creators that isn’t published by major publishers and thus wouldn’t be covered by most other comics awards. Also once again this year we are graciously sponsored by Strange Adventures Comics and Curiosities in Halifax, NS; Dartmouth, NS; and Fredricton, NB.

Voting will occur in early 2021, but in order for our magazine writers to choose a diverse and less biased selection of nominees we could use your suggestions. Last year we received feedback that while our nominees were gender balanced, not every award was. So your suggestions for female and other minority creators will assist us in finding them and choosing them if they merit it. We will strive for diversity but also still wish to recognize people for their work and not their identity.

Fill in the nomination form linked in the button below to let us know who you think is deserving of an award for their comic work in Canada. Nominations will be accepted until January 2nd midnight. So you have plenty of time over the month to think of suggestions as we will as well. We would prefer if creators self-nominate to provide us with a review copy of their work and other accurate information, but fans can also nominate as well and we can follow up with the creator.

This year’s categories are the following with two potential new categories

  • Best Comic Book
  • Best Graphic Novel
  • Best Web Comic
  • Favourite Writer
  • Favourite Artist
  • Favourite Cartoonist
  • Favourite Colourist (Potential category)
  • Favourite Editor (Potential category)
  • Favourite Letterer (Potential category)

The comic categories are for which books fans enjoyed or appreciated the most, while the individual creator categories are for overall which creator fans enjoyed their work for this year.

Here are the eligibility rules for nominations:
The spirit of these awards is to recognize self and independently published Canadian comics. Major publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, Drawn & Quarterly, Conundrum, etc. are covered by other Canadian comics awards and thus not eligible for these.

For personal creator awards, the creator must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and they must have published something in 2020 either self published or independent/micro publisher.

For comic awards, one creator must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, it must have been published in 2020 (print or digital) by the creators or a micro publisher, and if in print it must have been available in Canada either in store or by order.

Winners of last year’s awards (1st place) are not eligible for the following year, including comics in the same continuing series. As follows:
Auric of the Great White North
Boumeries and Boum
Davis Dewsbury
Elaine M. Will

You are not limited to one submission, so the form has been kept simple but can be submitted multiple times
You must hit the submit button at the end for it to be recorded

Thank you for all of your input!