Not really, but here are some comics-related links concerning both:

  • Oshawa’s Adam Prosser pens the first review of Dave Sim’s Glamourpuss I’ve seen. Elsewhere, Sim himself took to the Comics Journal messageboard to field questions and promote his new comic book series. As Sim has taken pains to reiterate, he is using a computer located at LOOKIN’ FOR HEROES here at 93 Ontario St. S. in Kitchener (one block away from the defunct Now and Then Books.
  • Canadian cartoonist Takeshi Miyazawa (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane) is interviewed about working as a mangaka in Japan and the differences between North American and Japanese comics editing.
  • Magazine writer, editor and publisher John Macfarlane retired last week. Over the years, Macfarlane helmed such Canadian institutions as Toronto Life, Saturday Night, and Weekend magazine (home of cartoonist Doug Wright in the 1970s). The National Post’s Katherine Govier has a few anecdotes.