Our next Summer Reading Survey comes from Kurt Beaulieu. Please send us yours.

1. Name and occupation (contact info/website/publisher’s website).

Kurt Beaulieu http://www.comicspace.com/kurtbeaulieu/

2. What is your latest project (ie, what are you hyping)?

I’ve been working on a pile of pages that i hope to turn into a graphic novel someday. Some bits have been published here.

3. Please provide a list of books you have recently read or are planning to read.

I’ve got a particular fascination for the art movements from the 1910-1930 period, so i’ve been reading “The Talented Intruder”, Wyndham Lewis In Canada 1939-1945.

A book about the dirty drawings of illustrator Tom Poulton. (Well…)

The Joker, The Greatest Stories Ever Told. For the Joker Boners story alone.