Our next Summer Reading Survey comes from, Me. Please send Bryan yours.

1. Max Douglas. Aka Salgood Sam. Artist writer, other @ www.salgoodsam.com

2. What is your latest project – I just had a story with writer Mark Sable published in Comic Book Tattoo, a monster anthology inspired by the Music of Tori Amos.

Also still pointing out Therefore Repent, and post rapture grafic novel written by Jim Munroe. Pleased to say that seems to be doing well, and the trailer i made for it has topped 1000 views on you tube, thanks in part to the wonderful song Michelle Breslin let me use for it. Check her stuff out here.

3. Please provide a list of books you have recently read or are planning to read: @#$!, you got me. I really haven’t been reading the last few months at all. Last one was ‘The Head Trip’ by Jeff Warren. It’s amazing. Really interesting book about how we experience consciousness and other states of mind. I’d like to look into SMR stuff, maybe they’ll make a game for that with this.

On the meaning to list still is the other half of ‘The End of Faith’ by Sam Harris; ‘A Fine Ending’ by Louis Rastelli; and maybe the other half of the Eisner/Miller book from DH. Didn’t grab me like i wanted it to the first time.

I have read some good comics. Picked up ‘Mouse Guard fall 1152’ by David Peterson. That’s what I’m talking about. Good stuff. And interview with David can be found here.

Been looking at ‘Extraction‘ – was talking to David and Joe on the street the other day and reminded that i’d only looked at it briefly so far. It was cool talking with him at the Man Salon.

I want to re-read Jeff Lemire stuff, been thinking about it a lot. And ‘Garage Band’ by Gipi. And i was given ‘American Born Chinese’ by Gene Luen Yang by the ISR guys in NY, i’ve been looking forward to checking that out..

4.What am i doing? I’m currently working on Dream Life, haven’t posted in a while, want to get further ahead of myself first, enough of a teaser out there for now. I’ve gotten on a bit of a short-story jag, running a little late for my liking on my submission for Popgun 3, being uptight with the ink i feel. It’s getting there though. And there are two other anthologies submissions in the works, both music related. I tried to stop them but they just had to be done.

I don’t know if i’ll be appearing somewhere, nothing seem cretin just now. Also way overdue to do some back end work on this site, i could do with some interns. Interns and a back rub.