Our next Summer Reading Survey comes from comics retailer Jennifer Stewart. Please send us your own list.

1. Name/occupation –

Jennifer Stewart, owner of The Dragon, Guelph’s comic, gaming, and anime destination – www.thedragonweb.com – and its side project Comics in the Classroom. I’m also the Latin and Drama teacher at The Linden School in Toronto.

2. What is your latest project (ie, what are you hyping)?

I’m currently gearing up to promote the second year of Comics in the Classroom – a resource for teachers and school librarians looking to integrate graphic novels into their curricula or libraries. I am also putting together The Dragon’s 10th Anniversary celebration, taking place this September and October. On top of that, my novel submission just went in the mail to Tor Books.

3. Please provide a list of books you have recently read or are planning to read.

On the non-comic front, I’m reading “The Naked Olympics” by Tony Perrottet, which is a great overview of the ancient Olympics. His engaging writing will appeal to anyone interested in the subject. I’ll be moving on to “Understanding Roman Inscriptions” by Lawrence Keppie, as well as a number of plays in preparation for the coming school year.

In terms of comics, I’m currently reading the new volume of DMZ. I recently read “The New York Four” (brilliant writing, as always), “Waterbaby”, “Apocalipstix”, “Coraline GN” (beautiful work by Russell), “Tellos Colossal Vol.1”, “Thor Vol.1” by Straczynski, “Superman/Batman Saga of the Super Sons” (cause I love Bob Haney!), and “Maintenance Vol.3”.

I’m also looking forward to reading “The Ten Cent Plague” by David Hajdu.

4. Any upcoming events/upcoming publications? What is your next project?

Upcoming events? We’ve got lots! We’re turning 10 after all! September 13th-14th is our annual sale, September 20th-21st is Warhammer weekend, September 27th-28th is Magic and WizKids. We finish it off on October 5th, with a signing and party in support of the Hero Initiative, with special guests, Rock Plaza Central. Also look for a 10th Anniversary poster by a noted artist. More info will be coming as we approach September, so check the website.