Since the C in C-List is supposed to reference Canadian content as well as the perceived generally third-rate nature of Canadian cartooning news vis the rest of the world, I feel kind of weird making this partially international round-up of weblinks a regular C-list post. However, since the C-List is where this stuff usually gets dumped, I’m sticking with the format.

Item: The Musee de la bande dessinee opens in Angouleme, France.

Item: Inkstuds features a podcast documentary about comics as a medium and includes interviews with Jeet Heer and others. (go listen while you read the rest of this.)

Item: Speaking of Mr. Heer, you can read him on Chris Oliveros’ achievement in creating and sustaining D+Q for 20 years, with words by Coach House Press’ Stan Bevington.

Item: The first review I’ve seen of Darwyn Cooke’s Parker crime novel adaptation.

Item: Iranian-Canadian political cartoonist Nik Kowsar is emerging as one of the most in-touch commentators on recent events in Iran, both in the mainstream media, and through his blog and cartoons.

Item: George Sprott in NOW.

Item: The great Mexican cartoonist Rius is 75 Years Old!

Item: The 7th issue of the international sketch magazine Le Sketch is now out, featuring illustrator Craig Atkinson’s “sketches of people that might exist, but probably don’t, mysterious diagrams and imaginary buildings”.

Item: Chester Brown’s Louis Riel graphic novel makes the top ten of the Toronto Star international list of best/most important books of the decade so far.