It was a long summer, but now we face the new comics year refreshed and recharged!

Only problem is, I [Bryan] was putting together a list of upcoming Fall books from Canadian creators (see previous post) and couldn’t really find any I’m actually interested in.

Not a lot of really substantial graphic novels or even series seem to be on the immediate horizon. Lots of webcomics. Jeff Lemire has started a new thing…

There are a few books, but not much. Please help me? If you’re hyped about something coming out drop Either me or Max a line and tell us about it.

If you want to see what Sequential did for the summer, check out our Summer Reading List, where a series of guest bloggers wrote in with their own mini-reviews of comics and books.

In other news, Toronto comics retailer Chris Butcher gives us all a schooling in the recent history of comic shops and the Direct Market, and clues us in that Diamond no longer matters. And that webcomics are replacing indy success stories like Bone.