Well, the C-List is back from its adventure in Toronto. Max and I had fun hosting two events at the Word on the Street festival. Our thanks to participants Kevin Boyd, Willow Dawson, Jeff Lemire, Brad Mackay, and Evan Munday, and to the organizers and volunteers, especially Peter and Chris from the Beguiling/TCAF. Max recorded our two panels but the audio is not ready yet — Jamie Colville also did some recording and you can find those files here [Sequential Presents: Oh, Canada. Surveying the Landscape of Canadian Comics. 50:50, 46.5mb]and here [Webcomics! 50:02, 45.8mb], with some info posted on the source page here!

It was very nice to meet cartoonists Dave Lapp and Tory Woollcott, as well as chat with Chester Brown and Chris Oliveros, who were hard at work making sure everyone in Toronto owns a signed copy of Louis Riel. I bought alot of comics, both at WOTS and around town (including a small pile of the overlooked early 80s masterpiece, The New Adventures of Superboy), and overall had a battery-recharging mini-holiday. So now, back to the linkage:

Item: The Shuster Awards wrap-ups continue and the Shuster Awards blog has all the links, including Robert Pincombe’s overview & Kevin Boyd’s response, wth mention of our WOTS panel; a whole bunch of other reports; and Jason Truong’s report. The audio of the event is posted by Jamie Coville here. Again details on his site.

Item: Cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks –who signed at the Shuster table at WOTS– has signed with First Second Books to publish her next graphic novel, Friends With Boys.

Item: Historian Jeet Heer contributed an essay to the beautiful-looking Upside-Down World of Gustave Verbeek: Comics and Art 1900-1915, which was released this past Wednesday.

Item: I’m not sure what Cerebus TV is, but I’m hoping Dave Sim’s Shuster speech will be available there soon.

Item: Walrus blogger Sean Rogers reviews 3 new comics reprint collections.

Item: The National Post reviews Jeff Lemire’s The Nobody for its Fall Books section.

Item: The Peterborough, Ontario Regional Health Centre has released a comic for kids about infectious disease.

Item: Seth provides a little background about the giant Wine King float we mentioned last week for the National Post.

Item: Last chance to get it on at the Rated R Show, it closes today in Toronto. Max stopped in hours before getting on a bus back to Montreal, and made this Video report, playing now on Sequential TV. There are also three clips after it documenting the event published by the organizers themselves.