News from there and back again:

Item: Policart and comics historian (comihist?) Aislin is interviewed on the occasion of his latest collection of acerbic cartoons.

Item: Cartoonist Seth is interviewed and will soon be appearing in Winnipeg as part of his Western Canadian book tour. He also has attended Bake sales (as has Jillian Tamaki).

Item: I don’t even understand this, but it seems like it says something about how comic shops get comics, so I am linking it.

Item: This is a great column by a Canadian sports reporter who loves comics because of Batman and the Outsiders #1.

Item: This past weekend’s BD Rendezvous comics festival at the Museum of Civilization took place despite a strike by museum workers. So does that make the attendees (Lynn Johnston, et al) scabs for crossing a picket line?

Item: Dean Motter’s Mister X: Condemned trade drops tomorrow.

Item: The Joe Shuster Awards blog has recently profiled a number of Canuck comics shops, including: Guelph’s The Dragon, Saskatoon’s 8th Street Comics and Books, and St. John’s NFLD’s Downtown Comics.

Item: Jeff Lemire (Essex County, Sweet Tooth) had a short story featured in DC’s House of Mystery #18 last week.

Item: It looks like Jeet Heer is no longer the number one comics nerd on the Sans Everything blog.

Item: The Raincoast Books head honcho is retiring.

Item: This article about the Moomin marketing phenonenon doesn’t seem to mention the North American publisher of Tove Jansson’s comics creation, D+Q.