Canadian comics culture is exploding all over the place!

Item: The NLWCC, or “Newfoundland’s West Coast Con” wrapped up Sunday in Corner Brook, NFLD. Nothing on youtube from it yet but the organizer and Founder Carson Smith was interviewed on Corner Brook Cafe’ October 15th.

Item: Leah McLaren suggests you read one of those obscure graphic novels, instead of a book nominated for a literary prize, perhaps unaware that there are now prizes for obscure graphic novels, even in Canada?

She’s still awesome, regardless. I wonder what her choice would be? Ty Templeton’sStig’s Inferno“? Julie Doucet’sThe Madame Paul Affair“? Or maybe something by Carel Moiseiwitsch? [like-link] Maybe Colin Upton‘s “Big Black Thing”? Or Ho Che Anderson‘s “Scream Queen”?

Item: Dan Clowes’ new D&Q book has some success at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Item: The Winnipeg Comic Con is this coming weekend!

Item: Mariko Tamaki has a few words about freaks and geeks in Ottawa.

Item: Seth in Vancouver.

Item: Ramon Perez is touring Europe with some of the Transmission X gang.

Item: The relative gayness of Superman.

Item: The Speakeasy Comic Book art show, Toronto.

Item: New honcho at Penguin Canada.

Item: Manga porn arrests in Nova Scotia.

Item: Guy Delisle gives more interview.

Item: Sean T. Collins profiles Jay Stephens on Morbius the Living Vampire and other Awesome stuff.

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  1. This is Carson from the Newfoundland's West Coast Con. Thaks for the plug on your site. We are busy planning our second convention for Oct 2010. Check out our website at

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