It’s a cornucopia of Marc Bell delights. The Kartoonist and King of Kanadian Doodlers is touring in support of his new D+Q book, Hot Potatoe, along with artist Amy Lockhart (promoting her Dirty Dishes petit livre from D+Q).

Item: Marc Bell is interviewed by The Walrus’s comix guru, Sean Rogers.

Item: Hot Potatoe fan art.

Item: A short review of Hot Potatoe by The Coast (Halifax)’s Sue Carter Flinn.

Item: Art critic Andrea Carson offers some thoughts on Marc Bell and Philip Guston.

Item: Another Bell interview, this time by blogger Matt Leines.

Item: Still another: Mark Medley in the National Post.



Item: Retailer Chris Butcher shatters the Myth of All Ages, arguing that when older comics fans say they want comics for kids, what they really mean is ‘canonical superhero comics exactly like I read them in the 60s-70s-80s’.

It’s a photo of the Vancouver Comics Jam.

Item: The Shuster Awards Blog’s Robert Haines catches the news of an Ontario teacher who has won a Governor General’s teaching award for coursework involving comics.