Robin McConnell portrait inkstuds

Gotta bust out a C-List!

“Inkstuds, Expozine, Jesse Jacobs, ohmy!”

Item: The Inkstuds podcast celebrates 4 years (!) with a Seth interview. Congratulations to Robin McConnell and friends, and here’s to 4 more years, and many more!

Item: Blogger and cartoonist Jack Ruttan recorded interviews at Expozine with some of the bright lights of Canadian comics. He’s posted them with notes on his blog here and here, and we’ve created a playlist/player of them in sequence here.

Item: Sequential’s own Salgood Sam was briefly at Expozine as well. He shot and edited a short doc of the event around 4pm to 5pm of the last day.

Item: A good large flickr photo set cataloging zine prints buttons and art books predominantly in a minimalist & cute style. The rare blue Mermacorn is the invention of probably this years youngest exhibitor, Jasper! Posted by Montreal designer Janice Wong.

Item: And rounding out the visual record of Expozine 2009 so far is an excellent set of 111 photos by Montreal Photographer Camille McOuat. The last one of Billy is perfect.

Item: Vancouver cartoonist Doug Fraser has designed an Absolut Vodka bottle just in time for the Olympics.

Item: Webcomics writer Ryan Sohmer in Montreal. As well, Sohmer and his “Least I Can Do” collaborator Lar DeSouza have announced a webcomics scholarship at the Vermont Center for Cartoon Studies.

Item: Another profile of Jesse Jacobs! He’s on a run!

Item: Stuart Immonen has announced that the free webcomics serialization of his collaborations with his wife Kathryn have been pirated and that future online comics by the couple are in doubt. There is further comment here and many comments by others elsewhere. The latest collab, Moving Pictures, is due out in Mat 2010 from Top Shelf.

Item: Canadian comics historian, blogger, humourist, erstwhile Sequential contributor, and scriptwriter on the perils of maintaining 4 blogs while writing animation scripts for a living.

Item: The DC/Warner vs Disney/Marvel war is really heating up. Alarmed at the massive build-up of Canadian superheroes by Marvel, and with only one of their own DC plans to fire back by adding a Canadian to the Outsiders, previously a 1980s superhero team based in Batman’s Gotham City. (Thanks to reader Maddy B for the tip!)

Item: Jeet Heer on Marx/Barks and Tomine/Oliveros.