No time for finesse when you gotta bust out a C-List.

Item: Comics publisher La Pasteque (Michel Rabagliati, et al) has a Youtube channel where you can see trailers of their upcoming books, like Rui Tenreiro’s Le Celebration.

Item: Tired of complaints about the business of comics publishing in North America? Tired of criticisms and mindless hype? Shaenon Garrity has 5 things the comics industry is doing right.

Item: Even though Bryan Lee O’Malley says on his website that he won’t be doing any press until the final Scott Pilgrim book and the movie come out (and who can blame him?), he did manage to squeeze out one more interview for the War Rocket Ajax podcast.

Item: Robert Haines at the Shusters blog catches the news about the first volume of Keen Soo’s Jellaby graphic novel going out of print. Check out what Haines has to say about it and how Guelph’s own Jenn Stewart is trying to keep copies in circulation.

Item: Kindle self-publishing now available in Canada. Probably still doesn’t really work for comics.

Item: Robert Pincombe rounds up your Ty Templeton links!

Item: The first gay superhero character with a Canadian background, Northstar (from The other Team Canada), is having long-distance relationship issues.

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