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Time to put the month to rest.

I like to think of the C-List as a tribute to the old Bullpen Bulletins from Marvel Comics. Some of the items are really neat (KISS meets Howard the Duck!) and some of them are just meh (Sal Buscema visited the dentist). And oh yeah: no Stan’s Soapbox!

Item: The best thing I saw all week.

Item: Ed Brisson has some shared studio space available in Vancouver.

Item: Chris Butcher pauses for breath, lists some more highlights of the decade in manga.

Item: Dave Sim is among the creators nominated for a new prize, The ComicsPro Industry Appreciation Award.

Item: Jeet Heer on J.D. Salinger.

Item: The Inkstuds podcast features an interview with Amy Lockhart, whose Dirty Dishes was just published by D+Q.

Item: And speaking of D+Q, in international news, there is a new edition of Dylan Horrocks seminal Hicksville forthcoming.

Item: The Scott Pilgrim movie finally gets a tentative release date: August 13.

Item: Troy Little (Angora Napkin) draws Wolverine.

Item: The reviews keep coming in for Von Allan’s The Road to God Knows graphic novel: ALA Booklist, Midwest Book Review, Small Press Book Reviews, Optical Sloth, and Jalopy.

Item: Stuart Immonen on the Apple tablet device and the death of print.

Item: Udon Entertainment has 3 new translated kids manga in stores.

Item: The first volume of Jeff Lemire’s collected Sweet Tooth is now available for pre-order. As is the trade paperback edition of The Nobody.

Item: There’s nothing sadder than a Sad Sasquatch. Is he sad because all his friends have painfully long arms? The Alpha Flight Collector has the lowdown.